Departmental Seminars

The entomology department regularly hosts seminars during the spring and fall teaching semesters in Russell Labs 150 at 12:00 PM on Fridays. Due to COVID-19, all seminars are currently offered virtually via Zoom. Use this link to join the recurring zoom meeting.

Spring 2021 Seminars

Jan.22No Seminar1st week of classes
Jan.29Entomology Towne HallUW-Entomology
Feb.12Prashant SharmaUniversity of Wisconsin-Madison iBioHow does evo-devo inform the phylogeny of the “arachnids”?
Feb.19Brad HerrickUW-Madison ArboretumInvasive jumping worms: impacts of a new soil invader
Feb.26Erika Marin-SpiottaUniversity of Wisconsin-Madison GeographyStrategies for responding to hostile workplace climates in STEM: Lessons from the geosciences
Mar.5Yuko UlrichETH ZürichDivision of labor and disease dynamics in clonal ant societies
Mar.12No SeminarSpring Recess
Mar.19Dr. Caitlin BakerUniversity of Wisconsin-Madison iBioAll the better to fight you with: taxonomy, biogeography, and the evolution of exaggerated traits in harvestmen
Mar.26Dr. Sheila CollaYork UniversityExamining the intersections of pollinator conservation and social justice
Apr.2Emilie Snell-RoodUniversity of MinnesotaRoadside habitat for pollinators: a great opportunity or salty death traps?
Apr.9Dr. Esther NgumbiUniversity of Illinois
Apr.16Bonnie OhlerUW-Entomology
Apr.23Entomology Towne HallUW-Entomology
Apr.30Nolan AmonUW-Entomology
May.7Taylor TaiUW-Entomology