Graduate Curriculum

Graduate Curricular Information

Information on our graduate programs can be found on the University Guide Page. For further details, please consult the program handbook.

General Curricular Information

Availability of courses varies each semester. Many courses in the department are offered once per year in either Fall or Spring semesters, and some are taught less frequently. Consult with your advisor on course offerings each term and when building your plan for degree completion.

The Entomology Proposed Course Rotation Schedule is intended to help you and your advisor plan your coursework schedule. Please consult the Course Guide for course descriptions; you may also consult Course Search & Enroll for information about courses offered during the current academic year.

Entomology (ENTOM) Courses

For a list of courses in or cross-listed in Entomology, consult the Entomology Course Guide.


Last reviewed: 11/29/2022