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Entomology Graduate Student Association

  • The EGSA provides a student voice for departmental affairs by holding elected seats on all departmental committees, promotes social interactions and serves the community by educating about the importance of insects and science through the Insect Ambassadors program.
  • President: Hanna McIntosh
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  • T-shirts and other merch (proceeds support the EGSA’s mission)

Insect Ambassadors

  • Insect Ambassadors is a graduate student-led organization hosted by the Department of Entomology. We are an embodiment of the Wisconsin Idea: making the boundaries of the UW the boundaries of the state. We’re here to help teach why insects are incredible organisms through interactive presentations and our knowledgeable, passionate students.
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  • Coordinators: Jillian Schat, Ben Iuliano
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Google Shared Drive:

  • Community, web, and committee files are shared and accessible to anyone with a NetID who has been added to the ento-faculty, ento-grads, and/or ento-staff google groups. If you find you are not a member of one of these groups, and should be, you can contact
  • To access these files, visit, ensure you are logged in or have selected your NetID ( account in the upper right corner of the page, and find Entomology Committees under Shared Drives. If you are unable to access these files or have any other questions, contact Ben Bradford.
  • For convenient access to these and other Drive files, consider installing Drive File Stream, which allows you to view and edit all google drive files natively on your computer without having to download individual files from the web.

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