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Coordination, Administration, and Community:

Entomology Graduate Student Association

  • The EGSA provides a student voice for departmental affairs by holding elected seats on all departmental committees, promotes social interactions and serves the community by educating about the importance of insects and science through the Insect Ambassadors program.
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  • T-shirts and other merch (proceeds support the EGSA’s mission)

Insect Ambassadors

  • Insect Ambassadors is a graduate student-led organization hosted by the Department of Entomology. We are an embodiment of the Wisconsin Idea: making the boundaries of the UW the boundaries of the state. We’re here to help teach why insects are incredible organisms through interactive presentations and our knowledgeable, passionate students.
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Fieldwork and Field Safety:

Safety vests and magnets are available for sign-up via this Google calendar. These safety items are stored in Room 242 (the snack room), which should always be unlocked. If the room is locked, contact Russell Labs Building Manager Tim Lorenz ( If you have any questions about checkout or comments on how to improve the process, you can email Christelle Guedot (

Safety items available for checkout:

  • Safety vests (labelled #1-17):
    • # 1 – 6: orange, one size
    • # 7 – 12: green, one size
    • # 13 -17: orange, medium
  • Vehicle magnets for personal vehicles (labelled #1-6)
+Field Safety Item Instructions


Reminder: these items are expensive and the Department will not be able to replace them. Please keep track of them and always return them to room 242 when you are finished with them so they do not get lost and so other people can use them.

How to sign up ahead of time (recommended):

  • Make your reservation for any vests (#1-17) or magnet sets (#1-6) that are not checked out for the time you will be using them.
  • Add an event to the calendar with your name, the items you will be using (e.g. vest #2 & magnet #1), and the time you will be using them.
  • If there are plenty of items available, you can set up a recurring reservation, but please be mindful of leaving plenty of items available for others to use.

How to sign up the day of use:

  • Check the calendar to see which items are available. This may not match which items you see in Room 242, since they may be reserved by others who have not picked them up yet. Do not take vests or magnets without checking them out first and please do not take items that have been reserved!
  • Use your phone to scan the QR code and access the checkout calendar.
  • Add an event to the calendar with your name, the items you will be using (e.g. vest #2 & magnet #1), and the time you will be using them.

Returning checked out items:

  • You must bring the items back to Room 242 within the time you have reserved them so they are available for the next person. If you need them for longer than anticipated, check the calendar to make sure they are not checked out and then extend your reservation.

Outlook Entomology Events Calendar:

How to add this calendar (New Outlook/Outlook web app)
  • Go to the Calendar page in Outlook, open the left navigation sidebar if not already open, and click ‘Add calendar’
  • Click the ‘Add from directory’ button, select your account if prompted, then type ‘‘ in the search bar
  • Be sure to check the box next to the calendar in your list of calendars so it shows up
  • To make this calendar show up amongst your other events, be sure to turn off ‘Split view’ which is a button across the top toolbar
How to add this calendar (old Outlook)
  • This calendar is technically a ‘room’ so when you click Add calendar you will have to select an option to add a room calendar
How to add events to this calendar
  • Email me the details and I will create the event
  • Create an event yourself, and then invite as an attendee

Google Shared Drive:

  • Community, web, and committee files are shared and accessible to anyone with a NetID who has been added to the ento-community, ento-faculty, ento-grads, ento-undergrads, or ento-staff google groups. If you find you are not a member of one of these groups, and should be, you can contact to be added to the appropriate group and gain access to the Google Drive. Members of the public can browse some of our public-facing files such as newsletters and recorded seminars via this link.
  • To access these files, visit, ensure you are logged in or have selected your NetID ( account in the upper right corner of the page, and find Entomology Share under Shared Drives. If you are unable to access these files or have any other questions, contact Ben Bradford.
  • For convenient access to these and other Drive files, consider installing Drive for Desktop, which allows you to view and edit all google drive files natively on your computer without having to download individual files from the web.

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