Pre-Health in Entomology

Major in Entomology with an Emphasis in Vector-borne Disease and Parasitology

For Pre-Vet and Pre-Health Students – Interested in infectious disease & global health?  Malaria, Zika virus, Lyme disease, Elephantiasis, Plague, and more?

The Entomology major can be a great option for students interested in areas related to medicine, veterinary science, and public health.

  • A major which matches well to the academic requirements for entry into veterinary and medical schools (see the 4-year plan) while leaving plenty of room for exploration through electives.
  • A major that introduces students to the huge impacts of parasitic, viral, and bacterial disease, many of which are transmitted through the bite of infected insects.
  • A major that spans the local to global aspects of infectious disease, with topics that include Lyme Disease, malaria, and Zika virus.
  • A major that will inform you about key issues in veterinary health (dog heartworm, fleas, toxoplasmosis) as well as the important roles that animals play as sources of infection to humans.
  • A major that encompasses the “One Health” idea, emphasizing the connections between wildlife, domestic animals, human and environmental health.

You’ll take courses required for entry to Veterinary or Medical School in Biology, Chemistry, Math, and Physics as well as Introductory Entomology, Medical Entomology, and Parasitology.  Optional coursework could include Introduction to Global Health, Host-parasite interactions, Diseases of Wildlife, Biology of Viruses and/or Immunology.

For more information, advisors or students can contact: Professor Susan Paskewitz or Student Coordinator Todd Courtenay.

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Entomology department courses

  • ENTOM 302 Introduction to Entomology
  • ENTOM 371 Medical Entomology
  • ENTOM 350 Parasitology

Common pre-vet requirements not required by Entomology major

  • 6 credits of English or English literature with an emphasis on composition
  • Courses that can count toward the Entomology major, but are not required include CHEM 343/4/5, PHYSICS 104, 202, or 207, GENETICS 466, MICRO 303/4, BIOCHEM 501

Pre-med students might also need to take introductory psychology and sociology.

Last reviewed: June 20, 2017 (SR)