Departmental Seminars

The entomology department regularly hosts seminars during the teaching semester.
All seminars are at 12:00 PM in Russell Labs Room 150 unless otherwise noted.

Spring Semester 2020 Seminars

1/24No Seminar1st week of classes
1/31Dr. Michael Eisenring University of Wisconsin-Madison (Profile) Disentangling the impact of canopy position, tree genetics and herbivory on leaf chemistry and herbivore performance in treetops of trembling aspen
2/21Diversified Agricultural Entomologist Candidate
2/28Diversified Agricultural Entomologist Candidate
3/6Dr. Alexandra Harmon-Threatt University of Illinois-Urbana/Champaign (Profile)Bees underground: The hidden importance of soils for bee responses, declines and success
3/13PJ LieschUW Insect Diagnostic Lab (Profile)Tales from the Diagnostic Lab: Trends and Highlights from 2019
3/20No ColloquiumSpring RecessNo Entomology Seminar this Week
3/27Dr. Sujaya Rao University of Minnesota (Profile)Insects - not just leggy pests but eco-friendly food of the future

NOTE: To be re-scheduled in the future.
4/3Dr. Jean TsaoMichigan State University (Profile)NOTE: To be re-scheduled in the future.
4/10Wisconsin Ecology SymposiumNelson InstituteNo Entomology Seminar this Week
4/17Dr. Jeff Tomberlin Texas A&M University (Profile) Recycling Waste for Livestock Feed? The Black Soldier Fly Story

NOTE: To be re-scheduled in the future.
Jade Kochanski University of Wisconsin-Madison (Profile) Prairie restoration benefits bumble bees (Bombus spp.), regardless of subsequent management and the amount of semi-natural habitat in the broad-scale landscape
Tela Zembsch University of Wisconsin-Madison (Profile) The Ecology of Babesia spp. in Wisconsin Ixodes scapularis
Erika Marín-SpiottaUniversity of Wisconsin-Madison (Profile)Part I of II - an hour-long interactive presentation on HIB in the laboratory and field workspaces.
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9/27/2019Dr. Henry ChungMichigan State UniversityWax, sex and the origin of species: Dual roles of insect cuticular hydrocarbons in adaptation and mating
10/4/2019Dr. Gwen PearsonPurdue UniversityScience communication in a time of fake news and short attention spans
10/11/2019Dr. Anthony SheltonCornell UniversityControl of Insects Through Genetics: from Geneva, NY to Dhaka, Bangladesh
10/25/2019Dr. Andrew MacDonaldUniversity of California: Santa BarbaraVector-borne disease in a changing world: Identifying ecological levers for health
11/1/2019Dr. Bryony BonningUniversity of FloridaCharles Chesley Doane Lecture: Orange juice, psyllids and Bt toxins
11/8/2019Dr. Adam DolezalUniversity of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
Interactive effects of environmental stressors on bees: nutritional physiology, disease, and landscape
11/15/2019——————————————No Seminar (Annual ESA meeting prep)
11/22/2019——————————————No Seminar (Annual Entomological Society of America meeting)
11/29/2019——————————————No Seminar (Thanksgiving Holiday)
University of Wisconsin-MadisonPh.D. Exit Seminar
Where have all the flowers gone? Understanding changes in spatiotemporal floral resources and their role in driving bumble bee behavior, colony development, and populations in agroecosystems
12/13/2019Audrey Simard
LinkedIn Profile
University of Wisconsin-MadisonM.S. Seminar
Detection of demethylation inhibitors and strobilurin fungicides within turfgrass guttation fluid and their effects on pollinators