New Student Information

Welcome New Graduate Students! Below is a link to the Entomology New Student Information Guide.  In the guide you will find information about housing, Madison, orientation, benefits, enrollment, etc.  This guide is intended to be a general overview of program requirements.  For a complete listing of program requirements please visit the Handbooks and Forms webpage. For additional information on building resources, HR, IT, etc., please visit the Russell Labs Knowledge Base (KB).

New Student Information Guide


The department Entomology along with the Russell Labs Administrative Hub will be hosting an orientation event on Tuesday August 31, 2021 that is strongly recommended for all new students.  Students who are unable to attend must notify the Student Services Coordinator Allee Hochmuth by August 15th.

  • New Student Orientation – Tuesday August 31 9:00 am-1:00 pm, Room 584 Russell Labs, Orientation will begin with coffee and snacks and will end with a lunch with faculty and some current students, topics covered will include welcome and introductions, transition to graduate school, and program specific information.

Students who begin their funding in summer need to contact the Department Administrator to set up their benefits when they arrive. Any questions about orientation events for incoming students should be directed to the Student Services Coordinator Allee Hochmuth.

Last reviewed: 6/2/2021—PJL