Subfamily Alleculinae
updated 1/9/2001

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Tribe Alleculini
	Genus Androchirus
		erythropus (Kirby)  
	Genus Capnochroa
		fuliginosa (Melsheimer)  
	Genus Hymenorus
		communis (LeConte) 
		discretus Casey  
		molestus Fall 
		niger (Melsheimer)  
		obesus Casey 
		obscurus (Say)  
		picipennis Casey 
		pilosus (Melsheimer)  
		sobrinus Casey 
	Genus Isomira
		pulla (Melsheimer)  
		quadristriata (Couper)  
		sericea (Say)  
		valida Schwarz  
	Genus Lobopoda
		punctulata (Melsheimer)  
	Genus Mycetochara
		analis (LeConte) 
		bicolor (Couper)  
		binotata (Say)  
		fraterna (Say)  
		foveata (LeConte)  
		haldemani (LeConte)  
		amoena (Say)  
		brevis (Say) 

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