Family Lucanidae
updated 7/6/98

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The family Lucanidae, also known as the stag beetles, is comprised of about 1050 species worldwide. They are distinguished from the other scarab families by their antennae, which form an open, comb-like club. Most species exhibit sexual dimorphism in which the males possess greatly developed mandibles which somewhat resemble a stag's antlers. Five species of lucanids are recorded from Wisconsin.

Subfamily Lucaninae
	Genus Dorcus
		parallelus (Say) 
	Genus Lucanus
		capreolus (L.) 
		placidus Say 
	Genus Platycerus
		virescens (Fabricius) 
Subfamily Nicaginae
      Genus Nicagus
            obscurus (LeConte) 
Subfamily Syndesinae
	Genus Ceruchus
		piceus (Weber) 

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